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Audit and Certification of accounts

The auditor’s mission defined and framed by legal texts consists in an independent and qualified investigation of a firm’s accounts. It leads, through the expression of a motivated opinion, to the certification of the financial statements of the customers. The auditor’s main goal is to offer to share holders, managers, clients, suppliers…a guarantee and a faithful picture of the firm’s accounts. He does it through an analysis of the risk which enables him to draw those conclusions.

    CSAI can provide:

  • • Contractual audit of the accounts Audit and evaluation of internal control procedures
  • • Investigation and audit prior to an acquisition/investment
  • • Investigation and reporting as a prelude to introduction of a company to the stock exchange
  • • Legal audit of the accounts


The consolidation comes from the legal obligation given to every firm which is in control of other companies to establish consolidated books and a survey report on the management of the group.